20180711 181542Emmy (Queen of the Blues) is a Blue Merle.    Emmy is CKC registered, and we have always been told that we have something special here with her. She is a rare gem and we plan to keep her bloodline going through our litters here if possible. Emmy did test out as a carrier of the Collie eye and so we have made sure that her mate is totally Clear , as the pups can not be affected if 1 parent is clear. We do sometimes test the pups and it has proved that a couple have been carriers but most have been clear. .

Emmy is 5 years old and she and Rosco have given us beautiful large litters of Blue Merle and Tri puppies.  She is an awesome mother and we have enjoyed watching her teach her puppies. She lives up to her title of "Queen" as she tiptoes around the puddles and doesn't like getting her feet dirty.  She has always been exceptionally fast and stays just a step above the rest.

emmy1 emmy2 on wheel

See some of Emmy's pups below:  It is fun to see the difference in each  and still is amazing to me how calm they are and willing to learn and please.   We like to take just one a day and let him or her be separate from the rest as we spend time with that one.