Wisconsin ColliesWe are a small hobby farm in northern Wisconsin. We have raised Collies for the past eight years. We have come to know these calm, beautiful dogs for what they truly can be. They are smart, quick learners, obedient companions, protective guard dogs, and show dogs. They have the herding instinct in them, and they need room to exercise.  These favorite old time long-haired friends are very loving and caring. You may hear them called Rough Collies, Classic Collies, Bearded Collies, and Lassie Collies. We have both AKC and CKC registered, and we can honestly say that ours are equal in quality.

We have a large family with a Down Syndrome son who has always loved dogs. He was a big part of our decision to really go into this and he is a very dedicated young man in walking them daily. From birth up to the time each pup leaves, he gives them all he's got and they love him back.                         

Some time ago we returned home from a little trip and as we got out of the car the dogs were barking their welcome, and he says, "Yeah, that's right dogs...Your Master's back."  He is now 16, and still walks them daily even in the winter , if it's not too icy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

We welcome anyone who wants to come out and see our place if you are interested in a puppy. It's always fun to visit those who know (or want to know) the joy of owning a Collie.