We grew up with these Collies in our young farming days and one day it hit me….Where did the Collie dogs go?   So I started searching and was lucky enough to find a beautiful pair of purebreds ready to start having litters for the right person. And so it began.  Our mission is simple:  We want to see these beautiful, gentle, obedient guard dogs and great companions, that are amazing herders come back to the homes of our lands.  We have both AKC and CKC registered.  Both are equally beautiful and healthy.  Ours are the Purebred Rough Collies, and I sell mine as pets, not breeders.     Check out the video gallery  to see more about us…

July 9,  2024

   If  interested in an older pup or an adult, I do have a few that are available now also along with the newer litter.   Feel free to email me if you are interested in a future puppy.   Make sure you check out all the photos of my pups that the buyers have shared with me at the bottom of this page.   They are Beauties!   Many Thanks to you all who have shared as time goes by, and also to you who have written reviews.  It is always fun to see and hear how they have grown.     Due to restrictions, at this time we can not offer shipping via the airlines.                    

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Meet our Proud Parents



(Finest Imaginary Friend)

Jeila is a lovely Sable and White who is an awesome mom and has beautiful puppies. She is AKC registered and tested Clear with CEA,DM and MDR1.



(Little Ginger)

Ginny is a Beautiful Sable who is also very patient with her babies and a wonderful mother.



(White Duke Of The Valley)

Duke is my newest male breeder. He is a White w/Sable and a son of Tex. He makes very beautiful puppies.



(Misty Morning King Tex)

Tex is our newest male breeder. He has given us a new color line, as Lukah and Ginger have had beautiful sable-merles this time with Tex. He is a calm, regal dog.



(Emmy’s Tri Princess)

Trixy is our newest Mom. She is all clear in all the genetic tests that we do and she has very healthy, beautiful puppies . Like her mother, she is CKC registered.

We are a small hobby farm in northern Wisconsin.

We have raised Collies for the past 11 years. We have come to know these calm, beautiful dogs for what they truly can be. They are smart, quick learners, obedient companions, protective guard dogs, and show dogs. They have the herding instinct in them, and they need room to exercise.  These favorite old-time, long-haired friends are very loving and caring. You may hear them called Rough Collies, Classic Collies, Bearded Collies, and Lassie Collies. We have both AKC and CKC registered, and we can honestly say that ours are equal in quality.

We have a large family with a Down Syndrome son who has always loved dogs. He was a big part of our decision to really go into this and he is a very dedicated young man in walking them daily. From birth up to the time each pup leaves, he gives them all he’s got and they love him back.

Some time ago we got home from a little trip and as we got out of the car the dogs were barking their welcome, and he says, “Yeah, that’s right dogs…Your Master’s back.”  He is now 20 years old and still walks them daily even in the winter if it’s not too icy. I often have to stop and watch him walking one when I am outside  as he likes to train them to stop and sit while he walks backwards for quite a ways before he gives the command to come, and its so fun to watch as the dog obeys and gets the excited hug and praise when it gets to him. I have been thinking it would be nice to find a used golf cart that would work good for him to drive around out here and maybe haul things and dogs around a bit. Feels like it would add some more fun into the days for him. But having never used one  I don’t know much about them. Any ideas about what may work good  for him? He does awesome mowing the lawn with our zero turn mower…

We welcome anyone who wants to come out and see our place if you are interested in a puppy. It’s always fun to visit those who know (or want to know) the joy of owning a Collie.


Life span: 14 – 16 years
Temperament: Friendly, Loyal, Gentle, Intelligent, Active, Protective
Weight: Male: 45–85 lbs, Female: 40–55 lbs
Colors: Blue Merle, White, Tri-color, Sable-White, Sable-Merle, Sable
Height: Male: 22–24 inches, Female: 20–22 inches


We accept checks in the mail for a hold or deposit on a puppy and cash at time of pick up for remaining cost.  We do require a $200 (non-refundable) deposit to hold a puppy.


Our options for obtaining your puppy include shipping via airlines, driving out to our home, or we are willing to drive part of the distance depending on your location and meet you with your puppy.


Parents are on-site, you are welcome to come out to see all of our dogs. Our pups receive special attention individually every day, one activity being we snuggle them on the swing to get them used to the swaying motion of a vehicle. We have had genetic testing done on our adult dogs for the Collie health conditions, to keep our pups genetically healthy. Our pups are sold with CKC, and some are AKC registration, pedigree, health records, and a health guarantee.  [If your vet finds your puppy in poor  health, (confirmed by my vet) you have 2 weeks from date of purchase to return pup to me for full refund of purchase price, or a new puppy.]   5 year guarantee against  serious genetic conditions. If your pup develops a serious health issue before 6 months, as confirmed by vet, you can return or be refunded purchase price less $200 deposit.  If after 6 months “but before age 5 years, which will severely affect his quality of life, please notify me and after my vet confirms, I will provide a replacement pup.


Wisconsin Collies is located in northern WI.

60036 Osredkar Rd – Mason, WI 54856